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HID Global’s OMNIKEY® 5427CK Reader operates in virtually any PC environment. Independent of the operating system and use case, the reader’s CCID or Keyboard Wedge interface provides the ideal solution with no need to install or maintain drivers. This removes complex software lifecycle management issues in the field and accelerates time to market while allowing the user to become part of the iCLASS SE® platform.

The platform offers a secure, standards based technology-independent and flexible solution based on Secure Identity Object (SIO), a new portable and open credential methodology. Thanks to its keyboard wedge functionality, data from the card can be retrieved and transformed for direct input into applications using keystroke emulation and therefore eliminates the need for organizations to manually enter card data into applications.

In addition to the standard CCID and Keyboard Wedge operation modes, the reader includes an integrated, easy-to use web-based management tool that enables intuitive browser-based configuration without the need for special training. The reader supports two operational modes ensuring long term investment allowing to adapt CCID from keyboard wedge where a change to security requirements appears. The OMNIKEY® 5427CK supports low and high frequency technology within a single device that enables seamless credential migration and mixed technology environments. The reader includes support for a wide range of low and high frequency card technologies, including HID Prox®, Indala® and EM Prox®, MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire® EV1, EV2 and iCLASS®, as well as iCLASS SE®, iCLASS® Seos™, iCLASS® Elite, and other SIO-enabled credentials.

For embedded applications, the OMNIKEY 5427CK is also available as a reader board – dedicated Developer Tool Kit provides all of the necessary tools and documentation to shorten integration cycles and to accelerate time to market with finished products.

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