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SPECTRAMIND SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATED is a local company founded in 2004 by Roger Te Un Son – an engineer whose interest in trading and IT equipments trails back to the early days of PC revolution.

Founder is also one of the founders of TITANIUM TECHNOLOGIES, a company that focuses on serving the IT requirements of Filipino-Chinese companies.


With accumulated experience from TITANIUM TECHNOLOGIES in trading, software development and IT field exposures, SPECTRAMIND was created as a spin-off to handle further IT Time Recording solutions for TITANIUM TECHNOLOGIES. Reorientation of SPECTRAMIND led to trade in biometric devices carrying DigitalPersona brand. DigitalPersona is a US company which provides the world’s leading fingerprint-based total password automation solutions.

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SPECTRAMIND started with PC-based biometric devices, carrying solely DigitalPersona sensors and increasingly establishing market share.

Corresponding software was designed to drive biometric devices to handle Time Recording services to cater to broad range of clients; and is being marketed to companies engaged in cons- truction, manufacturing – covering such sub-industries as office supplies, paper, paint, garments, hardware, textile, real estate, medicine, food, electrical components, restaurants and more. Company sizes ranges from small mom-and-pop operations to major industry players with thousands of employees and multi- billion-peso revenues.

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We have established provincial partners in key provinces of the Philippines to provide biometric time recording solution nationwide.
Currently, we also provide standalone/portable biometric time recorder using fingerprint technology.
Long term plan is to become a market leader in providing best value biometrics time recording solution with local warranty services.
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